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What happened to 77Kids? They're gone.....became Ruum in called Kidpik since 2016 (Poll)

submitted on May 4, 2013 by HouTex in "Stores / Merchants", last updated 335 days ago by HouTex
UPDATED: No more Ruum either, now called Kidpik (for girls only). See last comment for more information.

Apparently I missed it in May 2012 (wow, a year ago!) when American Eagle announced their plans to eliminate their children’s clothing line, after only 4 years. Eeek Their clothing for babies and children up to age 14 was sold initially only online, and later in 22 stores nationwide. I thought they had many fans, but apparently did not do as well as I thought. They sold the label at a loss in August 2012 to the former chairman and CEO of The Children’s Place. The new company acquired the inventory and all of the 77kids assets, including the related online business as well as a temporary license to use the 77kids name through Jan. 15, 2013. I guess that's why I didn't realize right away that there was a change in ownership.

According to this article the brand lost $24 million on sales of $40 million in the year ending January 28, 2012.
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The new business is called Ruum, and so far the modern styles look the same, but who knows what changes are in store for customers? They ran a big liquidation sale under the new name when they took over. Check them out at - even typing will redirect you to the new site. The only remaining hint of their origin is the free shipping for orders over $77.....

It's a curious choice for a name, the only other reference to this name that I ever heard was a scary and indestructible robot named Ruum in a 1953 science fiction short story by Arthur Porges. The theme of the story was basically "Face your fears and never give up when times are tough..." Somehow I don't see any connection, it's just not a catchy name for me.

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1. Did you like 77Kids?
  • Yes
  • 22%
  • No
  • 11%
  • Never shopped there
  • 67%
    2. Have you tried Ruum yet, and do you like it?
  • Yes
  • 33%
  • No
  • 22%
  • Haven't tried it yet
  • 11%
  • Have no interest
  • 33%
    Total: 9 votes


    • 174646
      1 6 7
      12 11 2
      Posted by clover on May 4, 2013
      [reply] 3 0
      At least it's not called Redrum. Cool
    • 179419
      Posted by Jmartin on July 22, 2013 [reply] 0 0
      Really liked the fact that my younger daughter could get the same look as the older ones buying from AE. Looking at the clothes online they look like a cheaper line. Not at all like AE. Was never a fan of The Children's Store for the same reason. Don't mind paying a little more for quality and the right look and fit. REALLY going to miss 77 Kids.
    • 179649
      c brady
      Posted by c brady on July 26, 2013 [reply] 0 0
      i loved 77 kds clothes
    • 179709
      1 1 2
      11 8 2
      Posted by laaya on July 27, 2013
      [reply] 1 2
      I used RUUM once. It was good Smile
    • 180977
      sharon walker
      Posted by sharon walker on August 19, 2013 [reply] 0 0
      I do not like Rumm nothing like 77 kids Evil
    • 185427
      Posted by Britt on November 12, 2013 [reply] 0 0
      Just browsed the RUUM site. There is no way that I would shop here. It seriously just looks like Childrens Place but trying to charge more. NOTHING like 77 kids. Sad 77 is gone, but there is no way I would ever shop at RUUM. At least not with what they have now. They go back to 77 kids style- I would be all over it. Bottom line- don't shop at RUUM unless you want to overpay for mediocre, you can get anywhere clothes for cheaper.
    • 187992
      Posted by Cghunter on December 24, 2013 [reply] 0 0
      I loved 77kids. Tried Ruum jeans for my granddaughter and I am not impressed at all. They definitely don't fit like 77kids. There's no shape to them and I Will not buy again.
    • 190512
      Posted by fact on February 9, 2014 [reply] 0 0
      It's a curious choice for a name...

      Btw, ruum in Estonian means room, though it has nothing to do with this company.
    • 194240
      Posted by krysta on March 30, 2014
      [reply] 1 0
      We LOVED 77kids.....Ruum looks like baby clothes for older kids. Horrible daughter would NEVER wear anything they have at this point. Very disappointed that they sold it, and the new company ruined it! Sad
    • 199794
      Posted by Amore on June 22, 2014 [reply] 0 0
      I actually loved 77kids!!! I shopped on line evey month for my son. I had noticed the name changed but didn't know the reason behind it until now. I will actually miss 77kids I LOVED THEIR CLOTHES!! Come back!!
    • 212447
      ciara patterson
      Posted by ciara patterson on February 2, 2015 [reply] 0 0
      RUUM looks cheap, i loved 77kids... i tried to buy everything they had.
    • 236983
      Holly smith
      Posted by Holly smith 336 days ago [reply] 0 0
      We absolutely loved 77kids clothing my boys loved shopping there with me.. We did try Ruum and are not a fan of it. I personally do not think the clothes or style are even close to the 77 brand.. I do not recommend Ruum cheap over priced clothing! Miss the 77kids wish they would come back or at least online option!!
      • HouTex
        Posted by HouTex 335 days ago [reply] 0 0
        Apparently you have not shopped recently. Ruum closed their stores in November of 2014, . Then the online Ruum site apparently evolved into a shopping service called Kidpik in 2016. Kidpik sends out a box of clothing based an the profile you create for your daughter. You can keep what you want and return the rest. The site offers a 30% discount if you keep everything in the box. The kidpik site celebrated a one-year anniversary about six months ago, .
      • 236992
      • HouTex
        Posted by HouTex 335 days ago [reply] 0 0
        The kidpik site lists 1878 reviews averaging 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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