General Terms of Service

In order to use our service, you must read and accept all these terms and conditions and those specified in our privacy policy. If you do not agree to these terms, you may not continue to use the Buxr website.

Buxr is a shopping guide publisher, which researches merchants for their best deals, sales, rebates and coupons; figures out how to combine all offers so you the Consumer will receive the lowest price; and publishes this information on the Buxr web site on the internet. Buxr does not sell any products or services to consumers: it only compiles information for Consumers convenience.

Buxr deals and offers are provided to you on an "as is" and "as available" basis. All offers and promotions on the Buxr are subject to change without notice. Buxr merely provides a convenient place for obtaining the information contained therein, and Buxr has no control over the legality of any sales, rebates, coupons or other offers made by merchants, the ability of any of the merchants to complete the sales in accordance with the offers, or the quality of the goods offered by the merchants. The Company has no control over whether merchants will honor the offers shown on the Site and does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in the Site. In the event you have a dispute with a merchant in any way relating to Buxr or the use of information from Buxr, you agree to waive and release Buxr from any and all claims, demands, actions, damages (actual and consequential), losses, costs or expenses of every kind and nature, known and unknown, disclosed and undisclosed relating to that dispute.

You will be transferred to online merchants or other third party sites through links or frames from Buxr. Buxr is an online directory of other merchants' sites and the offers they promote. Buxr does not sell any goods or services to consumers and nothing on Buxr shall be construed as an offer to sell anything or enter into any kind of business relationship with a consumer. Any purchases you make will be through other websites and from other companies. You are cautioned to read such sites' Terms and Conditions, Sales, Return and Warranty Policies, and/or Privacy Policies before using such sites in order to be aware of the terms and conditions of your use of such sites. Be sure to carefully evaluate and investigate such sites on your own to your satisfaction.

General Contest Terms

As a user of Buxr, you can win cash and or prizes as a result of winning the daily and or monthly contest. These contests are separate from any discount savings made on Buxr.

The Daily and Monthly contests allow Buxr users to earn prizes when receiving the most total votes or points during the contest period. These contests are free to users and are a benefit of registering with Buxr. At no time is a user under obligation to redeem their prize winnings or participate in the contests.

As a user at Buxr, contest elgibile points are earned each time your submitted deals, comments, or topics are voted up by fellow Buxr members. These points are then totalled, and prizes are awarded for each day and month to top respective point earners. Some participants may receive special prizes or rewards as part of the Buxr rewards system.

Prize Payment Terms

In order to receive awards payment from Buxr you must have a valid Paypal or Amazon account.

Buxr prize winners may claim their winnings when the amount has reached $25. Prize winnings must be requested within 365 days to avoid being forfeited. You may request payment of your Buxr prizes when it is marked as "Available" in your account. Buxr prizes will be distributed within 30 days of the receipt of user's request for payment. Buxr is not responsible for any event beyond the control of Buxr that could prevent a user from receiving their prize payment. There is no form of automatic prize redemption.

Buxr members are responsible for reviewing their account balance on a regular basis and for ensuring that all payment requests have been made and properly credited to their account. If there is a discrepency with the account, Buxr members are required to contact support within thirty (30) days of the date the prize was awarded. If the member fails to contact Buxr within a thirty (30) day period, the prize totals shall be deemed accurate and the member hereby waives any right to a dispute of that prize.

Buxr is not responsible for any errors in the contest or incorrect usage of site, disabling of cookes, any local computer issues or problems which arise from third-party software issues.

Participation in the Buxr contests is personal to you. You may not at anytime transfer any prizes or rewards to any third party without the express written permission of Buxr. The sale, transfer, lending, exchange of any Buxr prizes is expressly prohibited. Any type of these transactions is an express violation of the terms and your account and prizes maybe consfiscated and terminated.

You must be at least 18 years old and a resident of the United States to participate in the Buxr contests. Furthermore, you must have internet access and a a valid working email address.

Buxr may request users complete a W9 form when requested prize payments for the year exceed $600.

Reasons why you may not be able to collect Buxr Prizes, include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. You are under the age of 18.
  2. You do not reside in the United States
  3. You sign up with multiple accounts
  4. More than one member per household is participating in the contests
  5. You do not have a valid Paypal or Amazon account
  6. You fail to provide a valid W9 upon request
  7. You provide an invalid email address
  8. You provide an inaccurate mailing address

Buxr User Account Terms

Buxr shall not be responsible for any inaccuracies; misrepresentations; product or service liability; offensive, infringing, libelous or illegal materials; lack of availability of other sites, information or promotions, products or services; viruses or other computer problems resulting from use of such sites; or any liabilities resulting from such terms and conditions and sites. Buxr does not guarantee prices, promotions, or products or services, or anything on such sites.

The Consumer knowingly and voluntarily assumes all risks of using such sites to purchase goods and services, and agrees that Buxr and it advertisers shall have no liability whatsoever from such third party sites and your usage of them.

You may not copy, reproduce, distribute, content without Buxr's express written authorization.

Your account may be terminated for any violation of this agreement. Buxr reserves the right to terminate your username, password and registration if your account is inactive for twelve (12) consecutive months. Your account shall be deemed inactive if there has been no point generating activity based off the rules of the contest. You may terminate your account by sending an email to All Buxr rewards and prizes are forfeit at the point of termination. Buxr reserves the right to terminate your account if it has been associated with any legally questionable activity or behavior.

Your Buxr account can be terminated at Buxr's sole discretion. Buxr may also delete or deactivate your account, block your email or IP address without notice for any reason without limitation.

All Buxr notices are given by email, postal, forums, or general areas of the website.

Buxr may modify this Agreement at any time. If modified, the terms will be posted on the web site, and your continued use of your Account or the web site shall constitute your acceptance of any such amendment.

If you have any issues or questions regarding our service, we can be reached by email at


The Buxr Team

[Updated on 11/18/10]